Early Intervention

Thousands of children in South Carolina need extra care from birth to age 6 to help them to maximize their development. In other words...they need Step Ahead Early Intervention

Provides services to children ages birth to six years!

Early Intervention is a family-focused, in-home service designed to provide intensive developmental instruction for parents and/or caregivers and their children with special needs.

Our Step Ahead Early Interventionists intervene at the early stages of an infant’s or toddler’s development to help them to reach their developmental potential.


parents know their children best, and they are their first and most important teachers. Your family has the right to choose how your child learns, lives, and plays. We help your family build on its strengths to help your child maximize potential.

A quality EI program can have a positive impact on your child. It can help your child to maximize potential and achieve more independence, enable your child to be included in the community with peers, and improve quality of life.

Our Step Ahead Early Interventionists help families understand their child’s development and design specific training to target areas of delay.

Special Instruction/Family Training and Case Management are provided in accordance with an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for children birth to 3 or a Family Service Plan (FSP) for children 3 to 6 years of age.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan based on your child’s needs and your preferences and choices.

Our experienced Step Ahead EI's are well trained. They're ready to work for you and your child.

We're here for your child and your family.

How We Help

What To Expect

Step Ahead offers quality Early Intervention services. Your EI will work with you complete a comprehensive assessment and develop a plan to put your goals into action.

Your EI will work with you and your child in a collaborative manner.  We will help you to learn the service delivery system and to advocate for your child.

Our success is measured by the results seen in your child’s life and by your satisfaction.

Goals In Action

We offer each family an Early Interventionist (EI) to put goals into action.
Your EI will work with you and your family.  They will help you to manage and learn about the service delivery system and coordinate resources available for your child, you, and your family
They will work with you and your child in your home or your child’s natural environment to identify activities such as learning games and exercises to help in maximizing your child’s development.

Your EI can link you to local, state and national resources and support groups that offer practical knowledge, advocacy and family-to-family support.
Your EI can also guide you in applying for available benefits.

Linking your Family to Specialists

Step Ahead links your family to other resources in our community.
Our EI’s will help you to coordinate all of the services your child is receiving.  We may recommend additional resources or specialists.  We will help you to manage everything. Step Ahead is tailored to support each family’s choices and needs, and to ensure each child’s health and safety.

Your family will not be charged for EI services.  EI services are mandated by Federal law.  These services are publically funded by Medicaid and the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.  Some services, such as specialists, may be paid with private insurance, Medicaid, other public funds or community resources.

Your child may need early intervention, if they:

– have low birth-weight, critical health or genetic condition.
– are smaller in size and weigh less than other children of the same age.
– don’t respond or make few sounds.

– do not hear or see well.
– aren’t walking by 15 months of age.
have trouble getting along with others or learning things on their own.

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