Thanks to everyone for your testimonials…

A mom called us to say she has been working with her Case Manager, and she is “very kind” and she wanted to call and say thank you.  She says she always returns her calls and that she “can’t put her finger on it,” but there is “something special about her.”  she described her as “kind and respectful” and said that she is so thankful for her.  She said our agency has been such a blessing to them and she just had to let someone know.

A parent contacted us to say that she and her family were “blown away.”  She said her Case Manager was “very prepared, very caring, very thoughtful and thorough.”  She said her case manager was very positive about our organization and our mission and said that she was “deliberate” in everything and they think she is “going to be amazing.”

Thank you so much for all you do!  I always feel so much hope after talking with you.  I can’t tell you how much our family appreciates all you have helped us with.”  Our child “has grown because of you!”

A colleague wrote to tell us about a Case Manager.  She said, “She is WONDERFUL!!  I’ve had to work with her recently on some things to do with the consumers who were in the employment Pilot and she not only jumps on what needs to happen, but does it with such a happy spirit!  I felt so happy to hear her enthusiasm for her job and her willingness to do whatever it takes to support the individuals she works with.”  “She’s a superstar, no doubt.  So happy…I can feel her smile over the phone.  I’m sure the families and individuals she serves can feel it to!!”

An out-of-state provider had been working with one of our Case Managers to find out about services in South Carolina.  She call to let us know she wanted to “sing the Case Manager’s praises.”  She said he was “awesome and patient” in working with her on possible services for her consumer who might be moving.


If you want information about our services please feel free to call us locally at 803-252-5179 or toll free at 1-800-809-1475.



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